Fifty years ago, the Centre for Fine Arts was the hotbed of artistic activism in Brussels. From 28 May until 8 June of that year, artists and students occupied the central hall. Instead of waxing nostalgic about this contestation, BOZAR chooses to take stock of the global resistance movement in the sixties and look ahead.

De Marokkaanse sociologe Fatima Mernissi (1940–2015) was de grote inspirator voor de ontwikkeling van het feminisme in de moslimwereld. Haar werk verkent het spanningsveld tussen macht, gender en islam en slaat bruggen tussen het Westen en de Arabische wereld.

Reason and Engage is an interdisciplinary course and a series of public lectures and activities organized by the Vrije Unoversiteit Brussel (VUB). Edition 2017-2018 explores scopes and impact of new technologies. During the public events, experts from different disciplines share findings and opinions on a chosen theme. We bring together academics, researchers, professionals and active citizens to stimulate critical reflection on some of the most urgent and challenging issues of our times. Events take place at various locations in Brussels.

Globalization and urbanization have lead the world into a profound transition. Society and politics adapted themselves to that transition, but mainly through the market. Welfare Services, Public Services and public sectors as Healthcare, Education and Culture came under severe pressure. Social inequality, poverty and exclusion increased, but also the environmental and multicultural challenges become larger.

In this highly complex context arose many new initiatives: new forms of working and living, new ways of producing and consuming ... It is what Rik Pinxten calls 'Small Revolutions' or 'Kleine Revoluties'. or the development of new forms of common...

Affordability, accessibility and quality are the three core objectives of our current healthcare model. Our society is changing rapidly: diversity is increasing, - both culturally and in terms of family structures - and people are living longer. Due to these social developments and due to an influx of innovative (medical) technologies and a constant pursuit of efficiency, the achievement of these objectives becomes a major challenge.

So how can the involved stakeholders, from the government, the industry, the regulators to the citizens, share the responsibility and risks with regard to health and medical care?

In a series of thematic workshops and guest lectures this...

Redelijk Eigenzinnig vormt het motto van de VUB. Vanaf academiejaar ‘15-‘16 is het ook de titel van een interdisciplinair opleidingsonderdeel en lezingenreeks.

De mens-, maatschappij- en onderwijsvisie van de VUB is gebaseerd op de fundamentele waarden van vrije meningsuiting, sociale bewogenheid, kritische vorming en verantwoordelijkheid. Als enige Vlaamse universiteit stelt de VUB uitdrukkelijk humanistische waarden en het principe van vrij onderzoek centraal.

Vertrekkende van deze waarden wil 'Redelijk Eigenzinnig: Nadenken over Mens en Maatschappij' aanzetten om zonder vooroordelen en dogma’s na te denken over belangrijke maatschappelijke vraagstukken.

ClinicoBru is the joint-initiative by three academic hospitals in Brussels - Erasme, Saint-Luc and UZ Brussel - to enhance the number and the quality of clinical trials in Brussels as a pilot initiative for Belgium. With that objective, they co-develop and share a number of services to improve their reactivity during the study feasibility phase, reduce the study startup time, and improve data quality and patient recruitment reliability. By doing this they aim at allowing their patients to take part in the most innovative clinical trials, benefiting of most advanced therapies and best follow up, and their physicians to actively contribute to the progress...

Op het Creativity World Forum in Hasselt in 2013 kondigde minister Ingrid Lieten aan dat ze wou inzetten op innovatieve kruisbestuivingen tussen creatieven, kunstenaars, wetenschappers en/of ondernemers. Technologie en wetenschap hebben een positieve impact op innovaties in de creatieve industrieën. Omgekeerd zijn creatieve industrieën uit zichzelf erg innoverend. Ze kunnen ook leiden tot doorbraken in de wetenschap, in het bedrijfsleven of in onze samenleving.

The Chair Casterman-Hamers answers the need for a cross-disciplinary and university-wide education in the History and Philosophy of Sciences by means of annual series of invited lectures.

Plastics have become the key drivers of innovation. Whether it is plastics from petrochemicals, biobased plastic or biodegradable plastics, the application areas are boosting: the automotive field, rail, transport, defense and aerospace, medication and healthcare, electronics, telecommunication, building and infrastructure, furniture and tools, etc. And then home based 3D printing has not even started yet! Plastics enhance the quality, comfort and safety of modern lifestyles for people of all income groups. Yet, their impact on the environment and on human health is an important issue.

Although major efforts and breakthrough research projects have been set up by academic and...

Active & Healthy Aging - AHA - is about the strategies, conditions and criteria to enable older people to enjoy a good quality of life - health and wellbeing. Crosstalks starts from a holistic and interdisciplinary approach that addresses both mental and physical health to improve the social determinants of health. Active and healthy aging requires a range of actions and approaches and a structural paradigm shift since older people should maintain the ability to play an active role in society, while that same society should in turn encourage and accommodate this.

Aging and the context in which that happens, often develops in three phases: (1) living at home...

VUB CROSSTALKS is setting up a series of brainstorms, meetings and workshops to feed and advance a holistic, future-oriented vision on sustainable policy in general and water policy in particular through the Bridges over Troubled Water project.

Our structural partners are VITO, AB INBEV & Brussels Capital Region/ Brussels Sustainable City. Supporting partners are Architempo, EGEB/SGWB; VUB TTI.


After the successful launch of the third CROSSTALKS book 'In Sickness and in Health' and in continuation of the Future of Medication project we are happy to announce our follow-up program "Optimal Partnerships through Transparency". This new project wants to engage all stakeholders in health care to create more transparency .

The partners want to continue the open CROSSTALKS platform and expand the network associated with it towards the French speaking part of Belgium, all the Belgian sickness funds, general managers of academic and private care institutions and regulatory organisms. The Accompanying Committee will be composed accordingly.


The Flanders Smart Hub project was established in 2009 to further strenghten the capabilities of Flemish Brabant and stimulate innovative entrepreneurship. The ‘triple helix’ cooperation between businesses, government and knowledge institutions has a positive impact on the entrepreneurial climate in the region. The focus of Flanders Smart Hub is on three sectors that excel in scientific and technological know-how and have enormous economic potential:

De ontwikkeling en realisatie van een duurzaamheidsvisie zijn kernwaarden voor de partners van de Universitaire Associatie Brussel en voor de VUB. Hoe geraakt een campus op zoek naar duurzaamheid van fragmentatie naar integratie? De Taskforce Duurzaamheid wil een antwoord zoeken op die vragen aan de hand van een reeks workshops die het containerbegrip duurzaamheid ontleden in al haar facetten aan de hand van best practices en inspirerende casestudies uit binnen- en buitenland.

Campustalks is an initiative by the rectorate of Vrije Universiteit Brussel, developed and organized by Crosstalks since 2009. The idea is to enhance community building among the many institutions and people associated with VUB. 

The first objective of Campustalks is to present an interdisciplinary mix of research projects currently running at VUB, EhB and ULB, across all faculties and departments.

In the second place Campustalks reaches out to all universities in Belgium. This in order to exchange topnotch and innovative research projects between the universities and to enhance their impact.

Last but not least Campustalks wants to be an open exchange platform...

Energy Efficiency - Facing the Facts & Learning to Cooperate. What can investors, corporate business, energy providers and distributors, policy makers, researchers and individuals learn from a cross-disciplinary approach to energy efficiency?
A lot. That’s what we think.

There is common acknowledgement of the perceived urge to solve the world's energy problem. There are extensive examples of R&D projects, industrial innovations, tools, trials and tribulations set out to challenge and develop (hybrid) forms of solutions. But where do the paradigm shifts emerge spontaneously and where do they need a top-down incentive?

The Energy Efficiency...

From 2005 until 2009, CROSSTALKS ran a bottom-up and interdisciplinary project “The Future of Medication in a Patient-centered Health Care”, a series of conferences and workshops to develop constructive dialogues between all the partners in the health care sector.

The ambitious aim was to establish non-mediated and constructive dialogues beyond all the disciplines and organizations involved focusing on the future role and added value of medicines. In parallel, we wanted to construct, gradually, a culture of exchange towards a sustainable and efficient health care. Thus the project set out from a bottom-up and open dialogue between universities, industry, sickness funds, health...

An interface is an intermediary between two systems, between people and people, between people and machines, between people and their environment. Interfaces determine the way in which we work, live, love, play, move and learn.

Since we are bound for a world in which every object, building and body becomes part of a network service, we need to re-connect with the systems and processes on which we (will) depend. Being able to participate in a constructive and democratic way to the socio-economic, cultural and political life is necessary in a fast changing society. Since interacting with the world is not restricted to digital interfaces, CROSSTALKS zooms out to architectural and...

There are two reasons why today the free and open-source software issue has become such an inspirational and powerful force: the rise of the Internet and the excesses of intellectual property. Internet technology made massive, decentralized projects possible for the first time in human history. It’s a unique tool that has irreversibly changed our personal and professional communication and information research. Intellectual property, on the other hand, is a legal instrument that has become a symbol of the exact opposite of what it was developed for: the protection of the creative process. As a result, thousands of free-thinking programmers, scientists, artists, designers, engineers and...