28-09-2017 - Sexism, Sharia and the Spectre of the Arab Muslim Man


28 Sep 2017

Kaaistudio's, O.L.V. Van Vaakstraat 81, 1000 Brussel

Is sexism inherent to Islam? Where does the menacing stereotype of the sexist Muslim come from and how is it perpetuated? In this armchair debate, sociologists Sarah Bracke and Zakia Salime address these questions in order to explore the alleged sexism of Arab Muslim men and Islamic Sharia law. They also expand the discussion to include questions of whether religious law is compatible with the universal human rights. They do not only address whether this is possible, but also if it is desirable.


20:30 - Intro by Iman Lechkar (Leerstoelhouder Fatima Mernissi Leerstoel, VUB)

20:40 - Zakia Salime (Rutgers University): 'Sharia law in the current global context' (ENG)

21:00 - Discussion with Sarah Bracke (Universiteit Amsterdam), Mohamed Ikoubaan (Moussem) and Zakia Salime. Moderated by Nadia Dala.

22:30 - End

Bios / Slides

Sarah Bracke is a sociologist at the University of Amsterdam and is specialized in gender, religion and secularism, as well as enculturation and racialization processes.

Zakia Salime (Rutgers University, USA) is a sociologist and conducts research into the political economy of the war on terror and Islamic societies and movements.