21-06-2018 - Seminar: Cyborgs out of necessity, not by choice


Robots without arms
21 Jun 2018

Bozar, Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels

Technology has given us the opportunity to heal the human body. With the rise of human bioenhancement 'healing bodies' has become 'making bodies better'. But what is the difference, and will technology make us more humane?


From the refunding of the bionic eye to a demo of an exoskeleton, this seminar explores the neurological, ethical and social (security) boundaries of the merge between human bodies and technologies.

14:00 - Welcome by Marleen Wynants (Director VUB Crosstalks)

14:15 - Bernard Dan (neurologist and scientific curator of the exhibition)

14:40 - Kristien Hens (Bioethics UA/KULeuven)

15:10 - Bart Demyttenaere (Medical Advisor National Union of Socialist Mutual Health Insurance Funds)

15:40 - Q&A and Break

16:15 - DEMO I - Christophe Van Geel (Handicap International)

16:45 - DEMO II - S├ębastien Vanderlinden (Ortho-Medico)

17:15 - Open discussion

17:30 - Drinks

Occasion to visit the expo 'The Art Of Difference' before the seminar or later that day during the nocturne till 22:00. Free entrance.

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