2015: Selfcity Ateliers - Exploring the commons in Brussels


Globalization and urbanization have lead the world into a profound transition. Society and politics adapted themselves to that transition, but mainly through the market. Welfare Services, Public Services and public sectors as Healthcare, Education and Culture came under severe pressure. Social inequality, poverty and exclusion increased, but also the environmental and multicultural challenges become larger.

In this highly complex context arose many new initiatives: new forms of working and living, new ways of producing and consuming ... It is what Rik Pinxten calls 'Small Revolutions' or 'Kleine Revoluties'. or the development of new forms of common property.

It is exactly on these commons that Crosstalks, Bral and Brussels Academy want to reflect on during this series of lunch seminars. To exchange some knowledge and experiences on the different initiatives in Brussels in the first place. But also to reflect on the social importance of these initiatives: Are they merely a useful form of leisure activities, or do they really lead to a new economy? And in that case, how is the relation with the prevailing economic and social order?


Brussels Academy, BRAL & Crosstalks