2014: ClinicoBru


ClinicoBru is the joint-initiative by three academic hospitals in Brussels - Erasme, Saint-Luc and UZ Brussel - to enhance the number and the quality of clinical trials in Brussels as a pilot initiative for Belgium. With that objective, they co-develop and share a number of services to improve their reactivity during the study feasibility phase, reduce the study startup time, and improve data quality and patient recruitment reliability. By doing this they aim at allowing their patients to take part in the most innovative clinical trials, benefiting of most advanced therapies and best follow up, and their physicians to actively contribute to the progress of medicine.


The ClinicoBru project entails the development of a flexible staffing service that will be carried out by the local Clinical Trial Centers in charge of the day-to-day operations related to Clinical Trial Agreements. Beside this, two services will be carried out at the global level by the ClinicoBru team: global feasibility and patient recruitment. The first is about developing and leveraging the interest of physicians in clinical trials. The second is about creating the appropriate level of information and transparency about clinical trials in the Belgian population.

Crosstalks is a complementary instrument to the ClinicoBru structure with an eye on mediating, communicating, networking; from organizing interdisciplinary expert meetings and public seminars to regular publications from within ClinicoBru.



Marleen Wynants is CROSSTALKS Operational Director
[T] 32 (0)2 629 22 18

Goedele Nuyttens is CROSSTALKS Production Assistant
[T] 32 (0)2 629 22 18