(2004-2008): Brave New Interfaces


An interface is an intermediary between two systems, between people and people, between people and machines, between people and their environment. Interfaces determine the way in which we work, live, love, play, move and learn.

Since we are bound for a world in which every object, building and body becomes part of a network service, we need to re-connect with the systems and processes on which we (will) depend. Being able to participate in a constructive and democratic way to the socio-economic, cultural and political life is necessary in a fast changing society. Since interacting with the world is not restricted to digital interfaces, CROSSTALKS zooms out to architectural and urban planning interfaces that define how users of buildings, public spaces, neighbourhoods and cities will/be able to interact with their environment. With a focus on the continuing demographic and cultural changes and the new relations and needs that emerge from them, this events wants you to reflect upon the socio-economic impact, the possible conflicts, risks and promises of existing and future user interfaces.

The Brave New Interfaces project wants to:
* Stimulate the development of user oriented interfaces that solve individual and social problems
* Identify new business opportunities and the necessary long term investments to enable creativity and innovation
* Define the challenges and active role of the users in the development process of the interfaces
* Zoom in on the systems approach and opportunities emerging from it for e-services and a networking society
* Give an effective impulse to the transfer of research projects and their results from universities to companies and vice versa
* Initiate new common projects and in parallel with that, materialise the innovative potential of our own region through interdisciplinary and internationally constructive networking


The Brave New Interfaces project was supported by Alcatel, IBBT, Namahn and the Brussels Capital Region.


Marleen Wynants is CROSSTALKS Operational Director
[T] 32 (0)2 629 22 18

Sara Engelen is CROSSTALKS Production Assistant
[T] 32 (0)2 629 22 18