06-02-2018 - Stamina or stress? Sustainable and flexible employability


6 Feb 2018

Pfizer, Pleinlaan 17, 1050 Brussel

Due to rapid technological changes and new working methods, the workload of employees is increasing. More stress, less energy. This also worries the employers. Developing psychosocial resilience and deploying talents in the right place are essential in a sustainable personnel policy. How does an employer or manager recognize possible signals and causes of overload? Which approach increases the mental resilience of the employees, taking into account personality, age and status?


09.00-09.15: Introduction by Roland Pepermans (VUB, dean P&E)

09.15-09.50: Els Vanbelle (Attentia): 'Establishing an engaged and healthy workforce in practice: Analysis as fuel for action'

09.50-10.25: Manon Antoine (UNamur): 'Workable and manageable work: impacts on the precarious employment and the worker'

10.25-10.40: Case 1: Elke Aelbrecht (AXA): 'The switch from absence control to fostering well-being'

10.40-11.00: Break

11.00-11.15: Case 2 - Brigitte Schröder (AGC Glass): 'Burn-out prevention and reintegration after long-term absences'

11.15-11.30: Case 3 - Koen Laenens (Essenscia): 'Demography Fund for the chemical industry'

11.30-11.45: Case 4 - Anouck Van Hoydonck (Janssen Pharmaceuticals): House of Workability & Energy for Performance in Life

11.45-12.30u.: Discussion

12.30-13.30u.: Walking lunch

Hosted by Elke Van Hoof (VUB)


Participation fee: € 30,00 (walking lunch and book included) / FREE for VUB-staff. An invoice will be sent after registration. Click here to register

Bios / Slides

Els Vanbelle recently launched her career in practice as well-being consultant at Attentia. She obtained the degree of Doctor in Psychology in July 2017 at KU Leuven, Research Group of Occupational & Organisational Psychology and Professional Learning. Her PhD research tapped into the fascinating topic of job crafting, e.g. altering one's job in order to optimize one’s functioning. Her work fitted her broader interests in occupational healthy psychology topics including job design and the importance of job as well as personal resources, leadership, person-job fit, autonomous motivation, work-life balance, work engagement, work-related well-being and well-being in general. She strongly believes in the merits of an integrated approach and multi- and interdisciplinary collaboration in striving for optimal functioning. Therefore, at Attentia as external partner in HR and well-being, Els is able to work on bridging and translating her academic expertise to the daily practice of occupational health psychology. Through thorough analysis and tailored advise, Els and her colleagues aim to support, coach and stimulate employees, managers, teams and organisations in establishing a healthy work environment, work engagement and sustainable functioning.

Manon Antoine started law school at the Namur University in 2011 where she obtained a bachelor's degree. In June 2016, she has been graduated from the Louvain-la-Neuve University with a Master's degree in ‘Civil and Criminal Justice’. During her studies, she has always been very interested in labour law and has taken a number of related classes. In November 2016, Manon Antoine joined the Vulnerability and Society (V&S) Center of the Namur University as a researcher. Since her arrival, she has been working on several projects (single parent families, PROGRESS, precarious work) and already published papers. Manon also participated in several conferences including one on international labour law in Pontignano, Italy. Since September 2017, she is also a teaching assistant in the class of Social law given by the Professor Valérie Flohimont at the Namur University. In November 2016, Manon Antoine also joined the Brabant Wallon Bar. She is currently a trainee-lawyer and practices mostly social law, family and patrimonial law and law of civil liability.

Anouck Van Hoydonck is director Workforce Development and Solutions at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies. Together with local ambassadors and the business leaders she builds a future strategy towards agile careers for today's and future employees – based on the House of Work Ability (Huis van Werkvermogen) – enhancing ownership and leadership to people’s work and career, based on their talents and diverse experiences. She leads the flexible workforce models in both the Admin area, as well as in the Lab and Operator environment.