02-10-2017 - Primary Care Revolution Workshop


2 Oct 2017

Agora, VUB Campus Jette 


02/10/2017 - 10:00 - 12:30


Paradigm shifts in the training of primary health carers


The training in primary health care is no longer an education in knowledge but in finding the right information and process it. What are other paradigm shifts necessary to take general practitioners into the future?

-> delegation of tasks to other care givers

-> increasing impact of mobileHealth in the future

-> working in a multidisciplinary context of integrated care


10:00 Intro by Chairman: Brigitte Velkeniers (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, VUB))

10:10 Short presentations by Graham Watt (Glasgow University, UK) and Wienke Boerma (Nivel Instituut, NL)

10:50 Discussion